Taulman PCTPE

Taulman PCTPE



Taulman PCTPE is a plasticized copolyamide blend of nylon and TPE plasticiser. It is ideal for parts that may be subject to shock, or long duration loads, such as racing system components, car parts, and housing. Its elasticity is higher than any other material we’ve tested, with an ability to stretch to nearly 500% its original size before breaking. With a combination of elasticity and strength, PCTPE is perfect for shock absorbers, bumpers, and components enclosures.

Surface Treatment Requirement: This material can permanently bond with glass resulting in damage not covered under warranty. Always use a surface treatment such as blue painter's tape whenever using this material.

Recommended Uses

• Functional components

• Bumpers, baffles, dampeners

• Flexible structural components

• Jigs and fixtures


• Tensile Stress: 5046 psi

• 1.75 mm diameter

• 1 LB spool

• Elongation At Breakage: 497.6%

• Tensile Modulus: 10549 psi

Note: A heated bed is recommended for large footprint parts

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