Taulman T-Glase

Taulman T-Glase


Taulman T-Glase

Taulman tglase PETT is a highly flexible and high-strength material derived from PET. This material is considered “water clear,” as opposed to transparent; it is reflective, unlike other polymers, and is available in clear and in a range of bold colors that won’t degrade with time. tglase PETT is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and does not emit fumes. It is well suited for large prints due to its low shrinkage characteristics. The combination of transparency and strength makes it a great material for a wide range of industrial, prototyping, and hobbyist applications. Great for industrial and prototyping applications.

Surface Treatment Requirement: This material can permanently bond with glass resulting in damage not covered under warranty. Always use a surface treatment such as blue painter's tape whenever using this material




Recommended Uses

• Large parts

• Functional prototypes

• Light pipes

• Optical paths



• Casings and cowlings


• 1.75 mm diameter

• 1 LB spool

• Tensile Stress: 4516 psi

• Elongation At Breakage: 7.8%

• Tensile Modulus: 80315 psi

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